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Можете да платите со следниве картички:


Земете билет преку 6 едноставни чекори

  1. Одберете билет
    See details

  2. Внесете податоци за вас
    See details

  3. Потврдете / прегледајте
    See details

  4. Потврден е-мејл
    See details

  5. Сигурносно плаќање
    See details

  6. Добивате билет на мејл
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Инструкции за нарачка на билет:

Корисни совети пред да почнете да купувате:

  • подгответе ја вашата картичка
  • you низ процесот со кликање на копчето “Next”
  • со кликање на “Back” се враќате на претходниот чекор без да ви се избрише она што веќе сте го пополниле

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Чекор 1 – Одберете го вашиот билет

  • Click the quantity box next to the ticket you would like to purchase and type in the number of tickets you would like to purchase
  • Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the form

Tip: You can buy multiple tickets at the same time

Tip: If you keep your cursor over the name of the ticket type you will see some information about that specific ticket type.

Important:  Not all ticket types are entry tickets, you can find more info about them at You will find the total sum to be paid at the bottom of the form. We are charging a 1 € administration fee for each item purchased, this is already included in the total sum to be paid.

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Чекор 2  – Податоци за лицето кое плаќа

E-mail address: Your e-mail address. It is important for this to be a real e-mail address because this is where we will send your ticket and receipt.

Name of customer: Your name. For safety reasons this name will be written on the ticket, we will check it when you exchange your ticket.  In case you are buying the ticket for someone else you will be able to enter her/his name in the following step and we will put that on the ticket.

Postal code:  Your Postal code.

City: The city where you live.

Address: Your exact address (street, street number etc.)

Country: Your country.

Phone: Your cell phone number.

Date of birth: Your date of birth in the following format: e.g. 1983-02-16


Invoice data:

The invoicing data is the same as my personal data. Check the box and the system will treat your previously entered data as your invoice data. In case your invoice data differs from your data entered above please fill out the fields accordingly.

In case you are filling out the invoice data for another person please check  the “individual” box and if you would like to fill out the data for a company please check  the “company” box in the field for customer type. If you are filling out the form as an “individual” you don’t have to fill out the fields for VAT Number, EU VAT Number and bank account number!

I authorize Sziget Cultural Management Ltd to use the provided data for marketing communication purposes. You can find our Privacy Policy here. Not a mandatory field. By checking the box your e-mail address will be added to our newsletter database so we can inform you about any info regarding the event.

Before purchasing your ticket, please read our General Contract Term and Conditions carefully and if you agree to them please check the box.  By checking the box you agree to our General Contract Terms and Conditions. You can only continue the purchasing process after agreeing to the GCTC.

Please note there might be more GCTCs you need to accept, in case you are buying special services besides the festival tickets (like parking place, insurance, etc).

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Чекор 3 – Податоци за носителот на билетот

The data given here will be featured on the ticket so please change it if you are not the person exchanging the ticket.  Our colleagues will be checking the name and birthdate of the person exchanging the ticket so she/he will have to identify themselves by a valid photo ID (passport, driver’s license, etc).

Name: Name of ticket holder

Date of birth: Date of birth of ticket holder

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Чекор 4 – Потврда на е-мејл

Please enter your e-mail address from the previous page again, just to make sure we send your ticket to the right place. If you are not sure whether you have entered the correct e-mail address you can go back and check or edit it by clicking the “Back” button.

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Чекор 5 – Плаќање

You can check once more what type and how many tickets you have entered for purchase during the process. If you have changed your mind or you would like to buy different tickets you can restart the process by clicking the “Cancel” button. If the data is correct click the “Checkout” button and we will redirect you to the safe online ticket purchasing platform of OTP Bank (the biggest commercial bank in Hungary) where you can pay for your tickets.

On the platform of OTP Bank you will have to enter your bank card information.

Card number: The 13-19 digit number printed on the front of your card

Expiration date: The date printed on the front of your card in mm/dd format

Card Security Code: the last three digits printed on the signature strip on the back of the card {CVV2 or CVC2}. If there is no such code on your card leave this field blank.


You can pay with the following card types:

  • MasterCard (embossed)
  • Visa (embossed)
  • American Express (embossed)
  • Electron (not embossed) in the case of these cards the bank issuing them determines whether the card is suited for online shopping. In case your bank has permitted the use of the card for online shopping you can pay with this card type. Please contact your bank for further information.
  • All cards issued by OTP Bank can be used.
  • Maestro (Maestro cards issued by any bank can be used on the platform of OTP Bank in case the bank issuing them supports the use of them for e-commerce transactions. Please contact your bank for further information.)

You can download all info about OTP shopping help here.

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Чекор 6 – Достава на билетот на мејл

After the confirmation from OTP Bank you will receive 3 e-mails to the address you have entered.

  1. E-mail subject: Successful payment 
  2. E-mail subject: Ticket download e-mail 
  3. E-mail subject: Electronic invoice of the online ticket purchase 

You have two options to exchange your ticket to a wristband:

  1. Print at home (you will need a printer for this):

Please click the pdf link in your e-mail, open the file and print it. If you have purchased multiple tickets you will be able to open them on different links. To open them you will need Adobe Reader, you can download it from here.

You need to bring the printed ticket with you to the festival. We will exchange your ticket to wristband at the cassa at the entrance of the festival after checking your valid photo ID (passport, driver’s license, etc).

  1.  Digital ticket (you will need a smart phone with Android or iOs and Google Wallet (for Android) or Pass Book (for iOs) applications installed):

Download the .pkpass file you got in your e-mail to the application on your smart phone. Bring your smart phone with you to the festival. You will receive your wristband by showing the QR-code from the application and a valid photo ID (passport, driver’s license etc.). (If choosing this option you don’t have to print your ticket and bring it with you)

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Ако ви е потребна помош или каков било совет при купувањето, пред да ни се обратите ве молиме прочитајте го следниов дел со одговори на најчестите прашања:


Не добив е-мејл! Каде се моите билети?

Потребни се околу 2 часа за да ги добиете билетите по извршеното плаќање. Доколку по овој период не добиете мејл, обидете се со следново:

  1. Порверете го SPAM фолдерот на вашиот мејл, а ако користите Gmail account, проверете дали имате означено ‘Updates’.
  2. Активациониот линк треба да ви пристигне од: . Побарајте ја оваа адреса преку панелот  за пребарување во случај мејлот да е складиран во некој друг фолдер.
  3. Постои можност погрешно да сте ја внеле вашата мејл адреса, за да го избегнете ова внимавајте при внесувањето на податоците.

Зошто онлајн продавничката не се чита коректно / не функционира?

Проверете дали користите пребарувач што го поддржува системот :

  • Internet Explorer 8 and above
  • Mozilla  Firefox: 25 and above
  • Chrome: 31 and above
  • Safari: 6 and above


Плаќањето е одбиено. Што е проблемот?

Проверете дали картичата е една од подолу наведените. Истотака, плаќањето се одбива доколку картичката е блокирана или невалидна.

Пробајте го и следново: 

  1. Повторете го процесот и убаво проверете ги внесените податоци.
  2. Во случај вашата картичка да нема доволно средства или дозволен кредит, плаќањето ќе биде одбиено. Во овој случај консултирајте со вашата банка која ви ја издала картичката. Ќе им бидат потребни следниве информации:
  • transaction ID number
  • 3-digit error code.


Биро за помош:

Ако ви е потребна помош или каков било советтимот на Сигет Македонија ви стои на располагање:! За помош можете да се обратите и директно до тимот во Будимпешта:


пошта: Sziget Cultural Management Ltd., P.O.B. 694/245, 1399 Hungary

Онлајн продавничката ја управува Sziget Cultural Management Ltd., 1033 Budapest, Hajógyári-sziget, Hrsz.: 23796/58., Hungary

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Информации за трансакциите со картички

При плаќањето ќе бидете пренасочени на сигурносен гејт контролиран од OTP Bank, најголемата комерцијална банка во Унгарија. Деталните информации за безбедноста при купувањето можете да ги прочитате на следниов линк: Online bank card transaction procedure.

За плаќање можете да ја користите која било картичка од следниве кредитни или дебитни картички:

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